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Adam's Perspective On Supplements

What ultimately separates the first-place guy from the fifth-place guy is so marginal. Riders are doing anything they can to gain the slightest edge on the competition. Without a doubt, proper nutrition and supplements have benefited my program. 

Over time, I’ve noticed that one of the biggest downfalls in the supplement industry is that there are a lot of products on the market that contain great ingredients, however they lack the adequate amount of those ingredients needed to achieve the proven results. Lots of brands just add enough of an ingredient just so that they can claim it’s in there, when really there isn’t enough of it to do you any good.

When you’re fighting for a championship, you can’t afford to leave anything on the table. So, I need to make sure my body is getting maximum benefits from products helping me with sustained endurance, increased hydration, reduction of lactic acid, improved recovery, etc.

This is one of the reasons I use ARMA Sport products. All of the ingredients in the ARMA products have the adequate amounts to achieve the results they’ve been proven to give.

BLITZ Training complex has been a big part of my program.

Before I started using ARMA, I was spending a lot of money on different supplements to get everything I needed. With BLITZ I get everything I used to take and more, in just one product. I used to have to take as many as six separate supplements from multiple brands to get what ARMA BLITZ offers. ARMA gives me everything in one product for less money and it’s certified and tested by Informed Sport for banned substance.

In the past, I’ve been super inconsistent day-to-day. I’d have a good race here or a good day training during the week there. Overall, where I saw the most improvement using ARMA was my consistency and recovery.

2019 was my first season using ARMA products and it was my all-time best. One of the biggest differences I noticed was my ability to string good days together, which isn’t always easy, especially in the Florida summer heat, riding in a heat index of 108 degrees. 

A major contributor to that consistency and recovery came from ARMA’s superior formulation matched with clinically proven amounts of industry leading ingredients.

After using the ARMA products for over a year without any compensation, I believed in them strongly enough that I decided to invest my own money into the brand and join Jeremy McGrath, Chad Reed, and Nick Wey as an owner.

The team at ARMA worked very closely with me and the other athletes to formulate these products. Now everyone has access to same supplements that helped me win my 2019 250MX championship.

(For more information on the ARMA products and their ingredients check out our other product blogs.)




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