Jeremy McGrath On His Involvement With ARMA - Arma Sport

Jeremy McGrath On His Involvement With ARMA

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The King of supercross, Jeremy McGrath talks about his life after retirement and his involvement with ARMA Sport as a co-founder. 

Jeremy is currently engrained in the sport more so than ever, his sponsors and partners like Kawasaki, Monster Energy, and more keep him connected to the top talent and upcoming racers as both a mentor and brand ambassador. “I enjoy it so much, and I still riding enjoy my motorcycle so much. Every day I wake up and can’t believe that I have the life I have because of my dirt bike and the opportunities I got as a kid because of my parents.” He smiled, “It thrills me to death to still be able to be involved, and to still be so active.”

The same goes for keeping in shape and off the bike activity, “I still enjoy fitness like crazy –even more so now than I did when I was a kid. I had to do it then, and now I don’t have to do it, so I enjoy it more! Learning about new fitness methods, and still trying to keep in shape as an older guy is a whole new learning curve.” He went on to discuss his colleagues and surrounding good company, “I’m just having a blast, enjoying it, and being able to be around the Monster Energy Kawasaki race team with guys like Eli Tomac and Joey Savatgy, and even the younger guys like Adam Cianciarulo has been really fun. Where I’m really having a lot of fun as well is mentoring the Team Green kids and getting to know their parents as young kids. It’s really fun, it keeps me busy, and it all keeps my passion so alive –I’m having a blast.”


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