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HYDR8 & FIRE - Summer Bundle for Fitness Enthusiasts

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Summer's heat demands more from our bodies, especially for fitness lovers and health-conscious individuals who stay committed to their wellness journeys—introducing HYDR8 & FIRE—your essential duo for peak performance and endurance. This summer bundle is perfect for your active lifestyle.

Stay Hydrated with HYDR8

Imagine hitting a wall during your workout, not because of muscle fatigue, but due to dehydration. ARMA HYDR8 is here to help you stay hydrated and keep your fitness goals on track. Here's how HYDR8 redefines hydration:

Rapid Electrolyte Delivery

HYDR8 has eight electrolytes, making it more than a sports drink powder. It's designed for quick and efficient absorption, helping regulate nerve and muscle function, balance blood pressure, and maintain proper cellular function. This easy-to-mix drink gives your muscles the support they need during intense exercise.

Low-Calorie, High-Potency

Unlike sugary sports drinks, HYDR8 provides essential hydration with just 10 calories per serving, replenishing your body without unnecessary extras.

Fortified with Immune Boosters

HYDR8 includes Vitamin C and Coconut Water Concentrate. Vitamin C supports your immune system, while Coconut Water Concentrate combats fatigue, providing essential nutrients to help you stay active and energized.

Boost Your Workouts with FIRE

Halfway through a workout, typical pre-workout supplements can leave you feeling drained. FIRE changes that.

Sustainable, Clean Energy

FIRE uses Whole Green Coffee Powder (WGCP) as a steady source of caffeine. It offers a smooth, sustained energy release comparable to the focus and energy from two and a half cups of coffee, gradually fueling your system over six hours.

Fiber-Rich Clarity

The fibrous content of WGCP ensures slow, consistent caffeine absorption, providing clarity and focus without the crash. Whether you're cycling or doing HIIT routines, FIRE supports your performance.

The Perfect Pairing

HYDR8 and FIRE keep you hydrated and energized throughout the day. HYDR8 maintains water balance and nutrient uptake, while FIRE offers sustained energy and mental sharpness for your workouts.

A Summer Game-Changer

Excel in the summer heat with HYDR8 & FIRE. This bundle helps you operate at full throttle from morning runs to evening workouts. Get your ultimate summer bundle today and elevate your fitness game with every move.


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