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FIRE: Your Secret Weapon

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Anyone in moto, or other highly technical competitive sports, knows that a key component of performance is super dialed in concentration.

The things we do, at the speeds we do it, require precise timing, impeccable coordination, along with razor-sharp focus. And then you have to do them lap after lap, no mistakes allowed. ARMA FIRE gives your body what it needs to do just that: sustained stamina and razor-sharp focus.


What's in ARMA FIRE?

The good news is that anyone can benefit from ARMA FIRE. With 190 mg of caffeine and two grams of our patented and USDA certified organic Whole Green Coffee Powder (WGCP) per serving, ARMA FIRE meets the needs of anyone looking for an added boost. With only three grams of organic cane sugar, you don’t have to worry about a sugar crash when what you really need is to keep going. ARMA FIRE provides the increased stamina and cognitive function you crave without the downsides, thanks to our secret weapon: WGCP.



What the heck is WGCP?

Whole Green Coffee Powder is raw green coffee beans that are sun-dried, so all the fiber and beneficial nutrients remain intact. Then the whole green coffee bean is converted to green coffee powder for a fiber-released caffeine delivery system that is also full of antioxidants with anti-inflammatory, cognition enhancing, raw coffee nutrition. The fiber in WGCP whole green bean coffee powder delivers caffeine slowly and smoothly, so you never feel jittery or experience a crash. Since all of our products are Informed Sport Certified free of all banned substances, you know that ARMA FIRE is a natural form of sustainable drive.


Why would I want whole green coffee powder?

In a double-blind study by the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, WGCP was clinically proven to improve focus, concentration, mental clarity, and ability to stay on task. Whether it's moto, cycling, running or a busy day full of adulting,  ARMA FIRE steps up with its evidence-based ingredients to enhance your natural abilities.

ARMA FIRE provides you with enhanced physical performance, improved speed, power, and aerobic endurance. Thanks to the WGCP you also get upgraded cognitive function and focus, better reaction time, vigilance and memory, increased alertness and mental clarity, and it's a natural appetite suppressant.


How does one use this secret magic weapon?

Arma FIRE tastes great by itself mixed with just water or you can add it to other ARMA products such as BLITZ or RELOAD. Add Orange Crush FIRE to Very Vanilla RELOAD for a creamsicle flavor on a hot day or add it to BLITZ for an extra boost and added hydration for your workout. Enjoy accordingly!



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