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Top Five Tips for Easing Back Into Training

The 2020 Motocross season is officially underway, opening with the famed Loretta Lynn's Nationals this month.

We’re thrilled to see the season taking off again, and we’re just as excited to see riders get back into training. If you’re getting back out there again after the Safer At Home orders (and the quarantine “15”) kept you off the track these last few months, here are the top five tips for easing back into training again.

ARMA Tips for Easing Back Into Training

  1. Nutrition: You wouldn't put cheap fuel in your race bike and expect it to run well, right? So why do we view our bodies any differently? Make sure you dial in your diet and nutrition to fueling your performance. Sure, quarantine snacks were awesome but getting back out on your bike is going to be even more awesome. Stock up on RELOAD now and make sure you’re getting the most comprehensive protein complex out there.
  2. Increase Cardio: If the only thing you’ve been hard-charging these last few months is Netflix, then you’re going to want to make sure you get your endurance back up to speed. It doesn’t matter what it is: Running, swimming, mountain biking, road cycling, whatever. Just get some cardio in, every single day. You can make sure you’re staying hydrated throughout with BLITZ, our complete training complex.
  3. Train Your Core: One of the key components of motocross is your core. Stability in your core helps you be one with the bike, at all times. We’ve got a whole YouTube channel dedicated to motocross directed workouts. Subscribe and get to those ab crunches.
  4. Mobility: Having better mobility helps you both on and off the bike, literally. In motocross, crashing isn’t a question of if - it’s when. Improving your mobility helps you be more agile on the bike, but it also helps you be more limber when you crash. Mobility is your friend. 
  5. Rest and Recovery: While replacing water with FIRE all day every day is never frowned upon here at ARMA, we know that realistically we have to also rest. (And drink actual water, boo..) But really, rest and recovery is just as important as physical and mental training. Make sure your body is getting enough rest and that you’re recovering every day, whether it’s stretching, yoga, getting enough sleep, or taking an actual rest day.


Make sure you stay safe when you're out there getting after it and be sure to obey all recommendations and guidelines. Be sure to use ARMA products to get the most out of your training and let us see what that looks like! Tag us in your social media posts,  whether you’re training or competing,  @armasport #armasport.

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