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What Makes BLITZ Your Complete Training Complex?

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If you’re in the world of moto, then you know it's normal to hold an elevated heart rate for 15 or 20 minutes, sweating bullets while holding on through a moto.

If you’re Adam Cianciarulo 2019 250 MX champion and athlete/owner of ARMA, sometimes you’re looking at 30 minutes or more, to compete and win an outdoor national moto.

Winning (race after race and a championship) is cool and all, but that’s no easy task on your body.

You name it, you guys have done some weird stuff to keep pushing forward in the face of dehydration. So what does AC do to hang on to his bike for so long?


BLITZ, ARMA’s complete, stimulant-free training supplement, gives you the boost you need before, during, and after any one of your high-intensity physical activities. It’s all-in-one, so no need to pack snacks or multiple drinks to get you through.

You’d have to take as many as six separate supplements from other brands to get what ARMA BLITZ offers. The one-stop supplement offers in a single serving what would take bottles of other supplements to achieve, which means you’ll only need to carry one product with you when you’re training or competing.

So what’s in it then?

We’re glad you asked. BLITZ is stimulant-free, gluten-free, and all-natural. ARMA BLITZ also utilizes 100% natural sweeteners, coloring, and flavors, so you can feel comfortable about what you’re putting in your body.

May we present, the ARMA BLITZ line-up: Electrolytes, BCAAs (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine), Palatinose, ElevATP ®, Glutamine, Beta-Alanine, Cluster Dextrin ®, and BIOPERINE®. And, let us not forget other key players: Dextrose, Natural Flavors, Silicon Dioxide, Citric Acid, Beet Root Powder for that fancy color, Stevia Leaf Extract, and Monk Fruit Extract.


Why do I need all those? What do they do?

Electrolytes are chemicals that conduct electricity when they’re mixed with water. Once they’re let loose, they help regulate muscle and nerve function and balance blood pressure. Meanwhile, branched-chain amino acids, called BCAAs, increase muscle growth, decrease muscle soreness, and cut down fatigue while training, so you can keep going even when you feel like giving up.

Your new friend Palatinose delivers a steady, slow stream of fuel while you’re training thanks to glucose. And, since it’s low on the glycemic index, you get a long-lasting stretch of sustainable endurance that’ll keep you powered up all day while ElevATP® provides fuel for your muscles to run, improves your already stellar power output, and reduces performance decrements that are associated with overreaching while training. (But you’d never do that, right?)

Glutamine- Strenuous physical activity can dehydrate your body and drain your cells of glycogen, the energy stores you need to keep your muscles powered. L-Glutamine, combined with L-Alanine. Glutamine may help reduce fatigue or decrease muscle soreness during and after exercise.

Beta-Alanine helps your body produce a protein building block found in the muscles, heart, and brain that boosts exercise performance. It also reduces overall fatigue as well as acidity in your muscles, it also increases muscle endurance and exercise capacity.

BIOPERINE® - Extracted from the fruit of black pepper, BIOPERINE® increases your body's level of absorption of nutrients by creating a natural delivery system to your cells. Since many proteins, amino acids, and extracts go to waste in your digestive system, BIOPERINE helps make sure these vital nutrients make it into your bloodstream.

Last but not least, we’ve got the game-changer called cluster dextrin. Cluster Dextrin® offers a sustained release of fuel, processed by your stomach quickly, which means it’s ready for your body to burn ASAP.  Cluster dextrin helps you perform better and recover faster.

Now you’re talking. When do I take BLITZ?

Easy day, just mix it up and enjoy about 30 minutes before your next workout. Once you’re done, walk your badass self on over and mix another scoop to have after your training session. Your body will thank you.

Okay, fine but what about the other sports?

BLITZ can also help you in other sports, or in your accessory training. Our optimal electrolyte blend keeps you hydrated, promotes post-workout muscle fiber regeneration, and you won’t ever have to worry about any unnecessary calories from sugars, fats, or carbs, because we don’t have any of those bad boys anyway.

And some of our other key ingredients, like Beta-Alanine, also support muscular endurance so you can have more productive, harder workouts while boosting muscle mass, particularly when engaging in anaerobic exercises, such as weight lifting. Side note, you know that feeling you get sometimes right before a race? Or in the middle of a training session? When you look at your friend and say, “Man! My face is on fire right now!” That’s paresthesia, which is a result when taking perfectly effective doses of Beta-Alanine.

What do I get? ARMA BLITZ comes in either .7oz single-serve packets or in a 14 oz tub of delicious glory. What flavors does ARMA BLITZ come in? Berry Blast. That’s all you need, trust us.


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