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How to Take Full Advantage of the ARMA Product Line

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Being the best in your sport - whether that’s moto, weightlifting, mountain biking or cycling - calls for peak performance, day in and day out. That’s why ARMA made our line of nutritional supplements formulated especially for athletes like you to reach your personal best.


Our product line consists of three core products and they bring you everything you need, in every sport, every time.


What you need: FIRE: Natural Boost & Focus

What it is: ARMA FIRE provides the increased stamina and cognitive function you crave without the downsides. Our patented ingredient,  WGCP™ retains all the healthy fiber, nutrients and natural acids found in organic unroasted coffee beans. Thanks to the enhanced qualities of nature, you get an immediate and then time-released boost that lasts up to six hours. Proven by the Cleveland Clinic to improve focus, concentration, and cognitive abilities, ARMA FIRE gives you an advantage for competition, training sessions, work, parenting, even studying. For more info FIRE, check out our blog FIRE: Your Secret Weapon.

When to use it: Help yourself to some FIRE before your race, ride, weight training session or regular workday. It can also be added to BLITZ or RELOAD for an added boost whenever you need one, like in between motos.

How to use it: Take one scoop in 8-10 ounces of water or beverage of your choice for up to six hours of clean fuel and focus without the jitters or crash you get from some other mixes. 

Pro-Tip: ARMA FIRE is great added to water, or you can add FIRE to Very Vanilla RELOAD for a creamsicle flavored treat or add to BLITZ for an extra kick.


What you need: BLITZ: Training Complex

What it is: Whether you’re working hard in the gym, out facing your competition, or looking for a quick boost, this one-stop stimulant-free formula meets all of your training needs: sustained endurance, increased hydration, reduction of lactic acid, and more. BLITZ  is a calculated blend of supplements packed into one container offering both short and long-term stamina while speeding up recovery. Proven ingredients like Palatinose™, ElevATP®, Glutamine, Beta-Alanine, and Cluster Dextrin® help your body push through strenuous demands, perform your best, and fight to the finish. For more details on BLITZ, check out our blog: What Makes BLITZ Your Complete Training Complex

When to use it: BLITZ can be used for cross training, hiking, moto, cycling, running, or even when you’re feeling dehydrated after a rough night out. (Someone didn’t stick to the glass of water in between each drink rule…) Adding BLITZ before, during, and after these activities would be best for proper hydration and recovery. No need to overthink it.

How to use it: Just one scoop of BLITZ in 12 - 22 ounces of water is all you need to take your workout to the next level. If you’re taking it before your workout, mixing it with 12 ounces of water will give you all the benefits without making you feel full and bloated. If using it during or after your workout, mix with up to 22 ounces of water for optimal hydration.

Pro- tip: If you need a little motivation to get your workout or training started, or some more drive midway on a long ride, add a scoop or packet of FIRE to your water bottle with BLITZ to help crush your training goals.


What you need: RELOAD: Protein Complex

What it is: There are no protein shakes currently on the market that can compare to ARMA RELOAD’s innovative protein powder. Our 25g protein shakes contain an all-natural combination of flavors, sweeteners, grass-fed whey protein, Curcumin, and MCT oil. The result of this unique combination is a great tasting, highly beneficial protein powder that is superior to our competitors. Our protein is formulated for fast absorption as well as extended absorption, a perfect mix for everyday fueling and training. All of our raw ingredients are of the highest quality and you’ve got two delicious flavors for your RELOAD: Very Vanilla or Deep Chocolate. If you’d like to learn more what sets RELOAD apart, check out our blog RELOAD: More Benefits Than Your Average Whey Protein.

When to use it: ARMA RELOAD is a perfect mix for everyday fueling and training. It’s great post-workout as a recovery tool, but it’s also great for a daily supplement, too. Enjoy it on rest days or on days you need to up that protein intake by mixing it into snacks like our peanut butter honey protein bars or an espresso smoothie.

How to use it: You can mix two scoops or one packet of RELOAD into 6-8 ounces of your beverage of choice and blend, shake, or stir until completely dissolved. For an extra boost, mix in some ARMA FIRE. Or, if you plan on hitting the gym to do both a cardio and weight workout, take ARMA BLITZ and ARMA RELOAD before and after to keep your metabolism and focus charged up, and help the ole muscles recover for whatever you throw at them maybe dessert.

Pro-Tip: If you mix up our mint chocolate chip smoothie extra thick like, and then pop it in your freezer for a few minutes, you’ve got protein ice cream. You’re welcome.


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