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Recipe: Reload Recovery Creamsicle

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Let’s be frank: January sucks. Even at Arma HQ in sunny California, mid-winter days are short, nights are long, and rain can be ceaseless. Adding insult to injury, this is the time of year when it’s most important to be putting in the hard, monotonous work preparing for the upcoming season: Gym days. Long, easy days on the bike, or worse, long days on the bike - indoors. It’s the time of year when any ray of sunshine is celebrated, and any hint of summer is savored. In that vein, let’s drop a bit of July into January with one of our favorite post-workout morning recovery recipes: The Arma Recovery Creamsicle. The combination of vanilla Reload protein powder and orange Fire whole green coffee powder repairs muscle and sharpens the mind for the day ahead, all while parking the ice cream truck of your youth out front - if only in your imagination.


Add all ingredients into a blender, cover, and blend until smooth. Enjoy!


  • Substitute 4oz orange juice for Fire for a caffeine-free alternative.
  • Add honey to taste for carbohydrate recovery.

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