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How To: Blitz in the Offseason

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A rainy weekend is upon us - so rainy, in fact, that the second round of Supercross in Oakland has been washed out. What’s a bored rider to do? Much as we’re loath to admit it, a wintry Saturday gym workout isn’t out of the question, and we’ll lean on one of our favorite tools to get it done: Blitz

We’re well aware that Blitz is probably our most confusing product. It’s not quite a hydration mix, not quite a true fueling product, and it’s not a full-fledged pre-workout, as it doesn’t contain any stimulants. So what, exactly, is it? We’ve casually bandied about renaming it “GSD”, because it’s what we use to get sh*t done. See, Blitz is built around the nutrient Beta Alanine, an amino acid that improves athletic performance by increasing the levels of carnosine in the muscles. Carnosine is a buffer against that burn you feel on the last rep of a set - lactic acid buildup. Blitz shuttles carnosine to your muscles within 15 to 20 minutes of consumption, giving you superpowers when you need it most, and allowing your body to finish hard, breakthrough workouts. Not only that, it’s also proven to increase VO2 max, or the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use during exercise, making it versatile enough to use for hard aerobic workouts. Finally, Blitz’s effects actually build over time: Daily usage of Beta Alanine is proven to increase its positive performance effects.

We can write all we want about it, but at the end of the day, Blitz is something that has to be tried to be instantly understood. And yes, it can make your skin harmlessly tingle a bit (scientifically speaking, it’s called paresthesia), but we kind of like it - because that’s our cue to push harder.

Quick Blitz How To:

  • Mix one (or two, if you’re acclimated to its effects) scoop Blitz with water before (at least 15 mins) or during a workout. Experiment with it, and see how long its effects last for you.
  • Lets you push harder.
  • Lets you last longer.
  • Yes, your skin will tingle.
  • Combine with caffeinated Fire if you want to double down on superhero status. 
  • Profit.

Until next time.

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