Fire was born after we found ourselves tired of crashing using synthetic caffeine pre-workouts and energy drinks. As it turns out, not all caffeine sources are created equal. Using whole green coffee powder (WGCP), we were able to create a pre-workout that delivered clarity and focus over the long haul, not just up front. Because of its fibrous, whole-fruit nature, WGCP in Fire absorbs in a slow drip, giving you the benefits of the caffeine of two cups of coffee over six hours. It’s a great match for intense intervals on the bike, at the gym, or out on the trail, and the low-calorie blend makes it an exceptional partner anytime you need cognitive clarity without the crash. 

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The Smoothest Caffeine Pre-Workout

Fire Pre-Workout

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Elevate your energy sustainably with Fire — exclusively for our subscribers, take a blazing 40% off your first order and maintain your peak with 20% off on all future purchases. Unleash the power of slow-release caffeine for long-lasting focus and performance without the crash, whether you're powering through a workout or demanding mental tasks.

FIRE Supplement Facts

The Smoothest Caffeine Pre-Workout

Ingredients: Whole Green Coffee Powder (Coffea Robusta, L.) (bean), Natural Caffeine (from Green Tea)(Camellia Sinensis)(leaf)

Supplement Facts
Calories 20 --
Total Carbohydrate 4.5g 2%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Total Sugars 3g --
Added Sugars 3g 6%
WGCP™ 2000mg
Natural Caffeine 155mg
Caffeine Content 190mg

3g of Sugar


Plant Powered

Gluten Free

GMO Free

The Smoothest Caffeine Pre-Workout

Fire pre-workout is designed to provide sustained energy without the crash commonly associated with synthetic caffeine found in traditional pre-workouts and energy drinks.

Utilizing whole green coffee powder (WGCP), Fire offers a unique approach to caffeine that promotes long-term clarity and focus.

The fibrous composition of WGCP allows for a gradual absorption of caffeine, simulating the extended release of the equivalent of two cups of coffee over a six-hour period.

Fire is particularly effective for supporting high-intensity interval training, whether cycling, gym workouts, or outdoor trail activities, thanks to its steady energy release.

With its low-calorie formula, Fire is not only suitable for physical activities but also serves as an excellent option for those seeking cognitive clarity throughout the day without the unwanted calories or jitters.

4.6 Stars From Our Customers!

  • "Works great when you plan a long day of activity. I tried it for the first time as a pre-mountainbike performance booster! Wish they had this when i raced moto. Strawberry lemonade highly Recommended. Try it for yourself"

    Kelly - Thousand Oaks, CA

  • "Gets you goin. helps you focus. daily fuel"

    Josh - Bradenton, FL

  • "When I need to get going quick in the mornings or something to get me through the afternoon Fire is it! No jitters, no ichy pre-workout feeling"

    Joshua - North Point, FL

  • "Fire is amazing! It gives you steady energy and helps you stay focused. Orange crush flavor tastes great, and it mixes well with Hydr8. I'm really impressed with this product! Thank you guys!"

    Stephan - Las Vegas, NV

  • "Fire does just that. Steady energy and improves your focus. Orange crush tastes great and even mixes great with Hydr8. Very impressed with this product!"

    Tyler - Denver, CO

  • "Out of the gate this stuff made a significant difference in my performance on the bike. The natural caffeine comes on smooth and provides elevated alertness and overall "pop". I always add one scoop per bottle and it helps carry me on longer, more strenuous rides. Definitely a must buy!!!"

    Chase - Charlotte, NC

  • "When I need that pick me up I go straight to fire and a water. Need that next level feeling then Fire is your go to!"

    David - Sacramento, CA

Jason Verbacken's Dynamic Duo for Cycling


Frequently Asked Questions

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WGCP - ARMA FIRE's Main Ingredient

WGCP stands for "whole green coffee powder". Unlike the roasted coffee that makes up your morning cup of joe, WGCP brings the benefits of the entire bean. Once removed from its natural coffee cherry, the bean is sun-dried and ground into a powder. The resulting WGCP contains tons of antioxidants, fiber, phytonutrients, and, of course, caffeine.

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Top 20 Reasons to Take the Smoothest Caffeine Pre-Workout: FIRE

Fire is a revolutionary caffeine pre-workout designed to provide a smooth and sustained energy boost without the crash often associated with synthetic caffeine and energy drinks. By harnessing the power of whole green coffee powder (WGCP), Fire offers a unique solution that promotes clarity and focus throughout your workout, rather than just providing a temporary jolt. In this article, we will explore the top 10 reasons why Fire is the ultimate choice for anyone seeking an exceptional pre-workout experience.

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The things we do, at the speeds we do it, require precise timing, impeccable coordination, along with razor-sharp focus. And then you have to do them lap after lap, no mistakes allowed. ARMA FIRE gives your body what it needs to do just that: sustained stamina and razor-sharp focus.

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