Reading MC'S RELOAD PROTEIN SMOOTHIE 2 minutes Next Full Body HIIT ARMA workout

Whether you’re a professional athlete or just a person looking to make the most out of your day, one key part is fueling your body by eating healthy meals. With so many people living life on the go, shakes have become a staple meal that are healthy, quick, and keep your body ready for your next adventure. “Behind the Blender” is our little recipe location for smoothies that our athletes and trainers have shared with us. Learn from the pros, gather your ingredients, and hit the blender!

For ARMA founder and retired professional Supercross and motocross champion Jeremy McGrath, making a nutritional shake has become a staple in his daily routine. “Skipping breakfast is one of the worst habits people get into, because it sets you up for eating at the wrong time, eating something unhealthy at lunch, or eating too much at lunch because you’re starving. I’ve had to relearn this habit lately, being more committed to my diet, but I think that’s why I just go with the smoothie.” Jeremy went on, “It’s more than enough in the morning, and then I’ll switch over to almonds and stuff like that for snacks. A smoothie always gets me through the morning, it’s great.”

That being said, MC’s fruit-based ARMA Reload protein shake is his staple but can be easily modified depending on your mood or time of day, “What I’ll do in the morning sometimes is mix in a little bit of the Fire along with the Reload making it more of a pre-workout shake. I do smoothies a lot, and that’s the mix right there. I like my smoothies to be cold, so I add ice so it’s more like a Slurpee consistency.” Read on for his recipe, and feel free to give any feedback with your own favorites!


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