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Rapid Electrolyte Rehydration: Feel the difference – near-instant hydration to combat fatigue and boost endurance during your workouts.

Fuel Your Strength: Coconut water concentrate and Vitamin C support your immune system and fight fatigue, helping you stay strong and recover faster.

Versatile Pre-Workout: Adaptable for any activity, from lifting weights to hitting the trails. Adjust the dosage based on your workout intensity and individual needs.

Build & Recover Faster: Branch-chain amino acids and beta alanine work together to build muscle and clear lactic acid, leading to faster recovery and improved performance.

Power Through Fatigue: Break through mid-workout slumps with this natural anti-fatigue blend, helping you conquer even the toughest reps.

Anna Sepkovic breaks down BLITZ: ARMA's Game Changing Ingredients Unveiled

Join ARMA's Anna as she delves into the powerful components of ARMA's BLITZ pre-workout mix. Explore the unique blend of ingredients that sets BLITZ apart, enhancing performance and stamina for athletes. Get an insightful overview of how each key ingredient contributes to the transformative effects of this trusted supplement


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Want Sustainability?

Blitz is the perfect mix of flavor and nutrition you need to keep your body working to the maximum you can without the crash. Add HYDR8 and it's magic!

David L. - Sacramento, California


This product (HYDR8) is excellent for everyday use providing the needed hydration and electrolytes. Also helps prevent muscle fatigue.

David S. - St. Johns, Florida


Best deep cell hydration out there. Especially in the hot AZ climate, it's key to having a successful ride at maximum effort

Gary A. - Tucson, Arizona

Conquer Workouts & Crush Fatigue with ARMA Sport's HYDR8 and BLITZ formulas!

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HYDR8 - The Fastest Hydration Period

ARMA HYDR8 is your hydration jetpack. As one of the quickest hydration mixes, it delivers electrolytes to boost muscle endurance and combat fatigue without added sugars. With eight fast-absorbing electrolytes, it offers instant hydration, whether you're exercising or just going about your day. Enhanced with coconut water for fatigue resistance and Vitamin C for immunity, it's a light 10-calorie serving.


BLITZ - Stimulant-Free Daily Pre-Workout

Jack, a curious young boy, trades his family's cow for a magical box that grows into an enormous beanstalk. As he climbs, Jack encounters a world filled with wonder and danger. Can he use the Magic Box to save his village from a giant threat, or will he find more than he bargained for?


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