HYDR8: Supreme Hydr8tion - 30 Serving Tub - Arma Sport
HYDR8: Supreme Hydr8tion - 30 Serving Tub - Arma Sport
HYDR8: Supreme Hydr8tion - 30 Serving Tub - Arma Sport
HYDR8: Supreme Hydr8tion - 30 Serving Tub - Arma Sport
HYDR8: Supreme Hydr8tion - 30 Serving Tub - Arma Sport

HYDR8: LEMON LIME Supreme Hydr8tion HYDR8: LEMON LIME Supreme Hydr8tion

Flavor: Lemon Lime

HYDR8 helps combat dehydration, reduce fatigue, and it boosts your immune system with 8 bioavailable electrolytes and just 10 calories.
  • Fast and sustained hydration
  • Hydration balance
  • Anti-fatigue and muscle support
  • Immune support
  • High bioavailability
  • Instant glycogen spike
  • 72 trace minerals
  • Banned substance tested
  • 30 Servings

ARMA HYDR8 is an easy way to hydrate and get your cells electrified. Poor hydration leads to poor athletic performance, reduced endurance and muscle contraction. Dehydration can also impact mental clarity, leaving you with a mental fog. A bike ride, a long walk or hike on a hot summer’s day, or a long night of partying or plane flight can deplete your body’s fluids. HYDR8 helps you break barriers with a bioavailability matrix and multi-phased delivery system for fast and sustained cell restoration. This superior formula drenches your cells with 8 bioavailable electrolytes supported by 72 trace minerals to combat and fight poor hydration while regulating nerve and muscle function. This helps quench your thirst fast, to assist with mental and physical performance.*

  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Soy free
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives
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To ensure our certified products are safe for athletes, we test every single batch for banned substances before being released to the market. With Informed Sport, you can be confident your reputation is in safe hands. Find out more about Informed Sport at informed-sport.com. Verify product certification in the Informed Sport database.

Key Ingredients:


Vitamin C as acerola fruit juice powder

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for immune support. This helps protect your cells and immune system from further damage and helps build collagen. The Vitamin C in HYDR8 is derived from Acerola Cherry, a high antioxidant fruit.*

Calcium as Aquamin®S

Not all Calcium is created equal. Aquamin®S is produced from a natural mineral source derived from marine algae. This harvested seaweed is mineral rich and the Calcium derived is an essential electrolyte involved in muscle contraction.*

Calci-K® Calcium Potassium Phosphate Citrate

This patented ingredient is a highly and readily absorbable form of Calcium. Calcium has been shown to strengthen bone density and structure and promote healthy circulation and blood flow. This unique form of calcium is a calcium, potassium, phosphorous complex blend that is non-GMO, vegetarian and hypoallergenic. *


Magnesium is a mineral essential to hydration. Magnesium helps regulate nerve and muscle function, blood sugar levels, blood pressure and protein production in the body.*


Zinc is a mineral that supports a healthy immune system and assists in prevention of neurological symptoms such as tingling. It also helps boost brain function to help you think clearly after a workout.*

Sodium as Pink Himalayan Salt

Sodium is both an electrolyte and a mineral. It helps support a healthy fluid balance in the body and boosts nerve and muscle function. But not all Sodium is created equal. The Sodium in HYDR8 is derived from Pink Himalayan Salt that’s notoriously mineral-rich. Pink Himalayan salt helps balance the body’s pH, helps regulate blood sugar levels, helps flush out toxins, improves stamina and hydration.*


Potassium is an essential electrolyte to improve hydration as well as nerve and muscle function. Low potassium levels can make muscles feel weak, cramp or cause rapid heartbeat. Potassium works in conjunction with Sodium to maintain hydration balance. It helps support a regular heartbeat and shuttles nutrients directly to your body’s cells. The result is less muscle cramping and support for healthy blood pressure.*

Coconut Water Concentrate from CocOganic®

Coconut Water Concentrate is rich in calcium and magnesium – two minerals that help support hydration. It has cardioprotective benefits and helps maintain muscle relaxation. The coconut water concentrate is organic and sustainably grown to help restore a natural pH to the body.*

Black Pepper Extract as Bioperine®

The Black Pepper Extract in HYDR8 is a clinically studied, patented form that supports nutrient absorption in the body. It’s essential in reducing free radical damage associated with inflammation, a leading cause of pain and discomfort.*

How to use

Mix 1 scoop / 1 Stick Pack of HYDR8 with 16 ounces of water, shake well and drink immediately for best results. If not consuming immediately, shake before drinking for best taste. Drink right before your race, ride workout, or workday. It can also be added to FIRE, Blitz, or Reload for electrolyte replenishment.

We recommend mixing any of ARMA’s products with water to ensure maximum delivery of our formulated ingredients without unnecessary calories from sugars, fats, or carbs. Store in a cool dry place. For optimal storage, keep in the refrigerator.


What is the Dri-Card in the HYDR8 tub for and should I remove it?

The Dri-Card absorbs moisture to ensure the quality of our product until you’ve enjoyed every last bit. Do not remove and DO NOT EAT.