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Introducing HYDR8: Supreme Hydration

HYDR8 helps combat dehydration, reduce fatigue, and it boosts your immune system with 8 bioavailable electrolytes and just 10 calories.

HYDR8: Supreme Hydration is an easy way to hydrate and get your cells electrified. Poor hydration leads to poor athletic performance, reduced endurance and muscle contraction. Dehydration can also impact mental clarity, leaving you with a mental fog. A bike ride, a long walk or hike on a hot summer’s day, or a long night of partying or plane flight can deplete your body’s fluids. HYDR8 helps you break barriers with a bioavailability matrix and multi-phased delivery system for fast and sustained cell restoration. This superior formula drenches your cells with 8 bioavailable electrolytes supported by 72 trace minerals to combat and fight poor hydration while regulating nerve and muscle function. This helps quench your thirst fast, to assist with mental and physical performance.

HYDR8 Benefits:

~   72 trace minerals   ~

~   8 Bioavailable electrolytes  ~  

~   Fast and sustained hydration  ~   

~   Hydration balance   ~

~   Anti-fatigue and muscle support  ~   

~   Immune support   ~

~   Instant glycogen spike   ~   

~   High bioavailability   ~


HYDR8 shuttles electrolytes to your cells with our exclusive blend of Organic Cane Sugar and Dextrose – and enhanced with Bioperine®. Using specific levels of highly effective ingredients like chelated amino acid electrolytes gives you the edge you need to compete. This superior formula gives you the instant glycogen jolt you need to replenish depleted stores which are essential for peak athletic performance.  With ARMA HYDR8 sustained absorption is achieved so that you hydrate fast and stay hydrated to perform at a higher level.  It includes key electrolytes Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium along with 72 trace minerals from Aquamin®. Vitamin C from acerola cherry helps support your immune system. The fast and sustained delivery system assists muscle function to keep you racing and help rebuild damaged tissue. The combination of ingredients keeps you firing on all cylinders so you can outperform the competition.


~   VEGAN   ~   

~   NON-GMO   ~

~   GLUTEN-FREE   ~   

~   DAIRY FREE   ~



~   SOY-FREE   ~


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