An Arma Fueled Day

ARMA was created with every athlete in mind. No matter what your choice of movement or adventure is, we have a product for you! Over the past few weeks, we’ve teamed up with some ARMA team athletes from various sports to curate a batch of weekly blogs, filled with recipe ideas, ARMA news, and athlete tips. We love engaging with our customers to hear how YOU use ARMA! Tag us @armasport on Instagram to be featured in a blog post just like this one!

Our first round of interviews is with ARMA athlete Charlie Baker, an avid surfer, skater, and snowboarder who loves camping. Charlie is a San Diego local and spends his days creating content for his videography projects. Whether he’s using ARMA for pre, during, or post workout and adventure or simply just to help him get focused for the day, Charlie always keeps his pantry stocked with our products. Check out Charlie’s guest blog below!

 From Charlie:


Hey ARMA team! I can’t even decide where to begin with my ARMA tips, but I’ll simply give a rundown of how I use the products throughout the day:

7AM: Wake up, mix a FIRE Strawberry Lemonade. I’ve ditched my old coffee first thing routine. Waiting for my coffee to brew means missing out on extra good waves. I throw a scoop of FIRE in my ARMA blender bottle with some water and shake it up. I drink this as I hop on my bike and cruise down to the Oceanside pier.

9AM: If I rode my bike to surf, I’ll ride home and mix a HYDR8 once I get home. If I drove to a different beach, I’ll bring my HYDR8 tub and an extra blender bottle full of water and leave it in my car. I’ll get out of the water and mix up a HYDR8 right then and there. My favorite flavor is Lemon Lime, but I honestly love both.

10AM: For breakfast, I’ll have some eggs and toast with chocolate RELOAD mixed in almond milk with a splash of iced coffee. TRY THIS RELOAD MIXTURE! It tastes like chocolate milk or an iced mocha latte. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. Try it.

11AM: Once I start working on my videography channel and other projects for the day, I find it amazing that the boost of focus I get from FIRE is still going strong. I’ll usually work on these tasks all day until about 4PM.

4PM: I work at a local pizza shop, Best Pizza & Brew, in the evenings. I’ll usually have my second HYDR8 around 4PM while I head to work. I like to switch off which flavor I have, so if I had Lemon Lime in the morning, I’ll have Watermelon in the afternoon or vice versa.

11PM: I usually get home from work super late. I’ll stick around and have some brews with my co-workers. Depending on how many beers I have, sometimes I’ll pre-mix a HYDR8 in preparation to revive myself the next morning.

My main tip is to utilize the whole product line and don’t be afraid to mix the different products all in 1 blender bottle! If I’m snowboarding at high altitude in the winter, BLITZ mixed with HYDR8 is a life saver for helping my muscles recover. If I’m in a rush to get somewhere, mixing a vanilla RELOAD single serve with an orange crush FIRE single serve in 1 blender bottle is my breakfast meal replacement. I spent the summer on the road camping in some crazy hot temperatures, so HYDR8 was truly my lifesaver. Having these supplements really gives me the confidence I need to tackle adventures big and small. If I don’t stay stocked up with product, I find myself struggling to get through my days. ARMA is so clutch for me!

See you guys around!

- Charlie Baker


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